My name is Chantal Kers. I am from the Montreal suburbs, in Quebec, Canada.

I am a mom, a teacher and a life long learner.

I try to be green and encourage my daughter and students to be as eco-responsible as possible and to be good global citizens.

I like tacos, yoga and raspberry ice tea.

I like summer, really dislike the cold and I dream of finally travelling and exploring the world with my family.

My goal in life is to BE THE CHANGE and to help others be the change. I want for my daughter and my students to become confident and empowered people who know that they have what the strength, creativity and heart in them to make a positive change in the world. I want for them to know that they do not have to sit by and hope that “things will change” and that situations will improve on their own but that they can control their own actions and words and can have a positive impact every day.



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