Welcome to my classroom

Several factors influenced my classroom decor and layout decisions when I moved back to second grade this year.  I had to think about functionality, practicality and age-appropriateness.  I want for my students to be able to collaborate and help each other in their learning. I want for my students to learn to be organized and because of the experiences I’ve had, I do not believe this … Continue reading Welcome to my classroom

Getting class birds and teaching with them

As a follow-up to my Birds on the Brain post, as promised, here is what I have learned about finding birds for in the classroom, as well as the materials needed in order to take care of them. Also, I will go through the advantages and disadvantages of having different types of birds in the classroom. My three year old daughter, meeting Junior when he … Continue reading Getting class birds and teaching with them

Birds on the brain

In today’s post, I will be sharing how birds can contribute so much to a classroom setting, to students’ learning and motivation, and how they can be the source of many engaging and pertinent lessons and activities. Last year I got a pair of zebra (mandarin) finches for my classroom. They are a breeding pair that my students and I named Ping and Pong. Ping … Continue reading Birds on the brain

Update on the birds

I learned, this week, that finches are very sensitive about moving. Before March Break, there was only one of six eggs left to hatch. Five baby finches were born in the classroom in the presence of my students. They loved it. They ran in every recess to check on them and see how they were doing. Four baby finches During March Break, the heating in my school … Continue reading Update on the birds