Periscope Professional Development

Unless you’ve been living in a submarine for the last year, you know that when people talk about seeing something on Periscope, they are not referring to the scope marines use to see what is happening above water. Periscope is a free app that is linked to Twitter, which allows people to stream live footage with their smartphones and tablets (iPads, etc.). Viewers and followers … Continue reading Periscope Professional Development

5 Key Points: Math Beyond the Common Core

Last summer I attended a conference given by the LCEEQ about teaching math. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? A two day conference in the middle of the summer about teaching math? Fortunately, the LCEEQ made it easy to decide to attend this conference. It took place in Manoir St-Sauveur, a luxury hotel in the middle of one of Quebec’s favorite ski villages. While I was at … Continue reading 5 Key Points: Math Beyond the Common Core

Using videos to empower students in the classroom

Hi all! Happy New Year! This is just going to be a super quick post about a scope I did last weekend. (You can catch that by clicking on the My Scopes tab in the above menu). As a teacher, I think my primary role is to help students reach their fullest potential. However, I feel that students mostly underestimate themselves or think that because … Continue reading Using videos to empower students in the classroom

Making connections: Learning math using concrete examples

Like in most classroom these days, in my classroom I have students of varying needs and abilities. This means that I need to plan my lessons and find ways to motivate and engage everyone, as well as reach the greatest number of students, in order to have the majority of my students understand the concepts being taught. There are many ways of doing this, such … Continue reading Making connections: Learning math using concrete examples

Journal writing with a purpose

I absolutely love doing journal writing with my students. I do journal writing for several reasons. The first is because my students and I get to know each other well and it helps us build a relationship. Students can express their thoughts and opinions without being interrupted. They enjoy communicating directly with me and I enjoy responding to them. The second reason I love journal … Continue reading Journal writing with a purpose

Engaging students with the Plickers app

  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Plickers, it is an app that allows teachers to project multiple choice questions on their Smartboards through a live feed and for students to answer the questions them by holding up their Plickers card, a QR code card, upright in the position that represents their answers for their teachers to scan with the app on … Continue reading Engaging students with the Plickers app

Getting class birds and teaching with them

As a follow-up to my Birds on the Brain post, as promised, here is what I have learned about finding birds for in the classroom, as well as the materials needed in order to take care of them. Also, I will go through the advantages and disadvantages of having different types of birds in the classroom. My three year old daughter, meeting Junior when he … Continue reading Getting class birds and teaching with them

Birds on the brain

In today’s post, I will be sharing how birds can contribute so much to a classroom setting, to students’ learning and motivation, and how they can be the source of many engaging and pertinent lessons and activities. Last year I got a pair of zebra (mandarin) finches for my classroom. They are a breeding pair that my students and I named Ping and Pong. Ping … Continue reading Birds on the brain

Back to school!

This Monday was our school’s first day with our students. I had to prepare my classroom for fourth grade students instead of first grade students like I did last year. This year, one of our special education consultants came to see us during our pedagogical days before students started school and talked to us about how students need to feel like they belong in their classroom … Continue reading Back to school!